Spill Response Service

Spill Response Service

Are you prepared for an incident?

Even when the greatest care is taken, it is still possible for mishaps to occur and it is good to know that during a chemical or environmental incident, you can turn to Chloros for expert advice and clean up services.

From chemical reactions to large spillages, Chloros have a team of highly-trained individuals strategically placed around UK mainland that can assist in an emergency.

Obligations to your duty of Care?

ISO 14001, COMAH, Environmental Management Plans and ADR are some of the reasons why you should have tried and tested contingency plans in place for your business. It is often difficult to understand all the information you are given to comply.

How can we help?

We aim to save you valuable time during an incident by offering clear, confident and concise advice, while giving you the most practical options for clean-up. All this while minimising risk to your employees, public and the environment, keeping the integrity of your business and meeting your legal requirements.

Typical incidents Chloros have assisted with include:

  • Chemical reactions on or off site

  • Chemical spillages including in transit

  • Fuel & oil spills

  • Decontamination and remediation of contaminated sites

For further information on how we can help you with spill response, environmental management plans and contingency planning, please contact us.

Wish to plan ahead? See how we can help you with our training and consultancy services.