DGSA Support

‘Each undertaking, the activities of which include the carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling or unloading, of dangerous goods by road shall appoint one or more safety advisers for the carriage of dangerous goods, responsible for helping to prevent the risks inherent in such activities with regard to persons, property and the environment.’
Chapter, ADR 2017

If your company undertakes the movement of dangerous goods by road in quantities subject to ADR, a named DGSA is mandatory for legal compliance.

The ‘Orange books’ are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are lengthy reads and if you do not use them on a regular basis, they can be a minefield. The team of DGSA’s at Chloros are daily using the books as part of their role at Chloros, for both on site and off-site activities. Therefore, we believe that our extensive knowledge used in a variety of industries will provide beneficial and non-bias advice and recommendations to your business.

Chloros offer a DGSA service tailored to your company’s requirements. This can range from answering a simple telephone enquiry to the provision of a named DGSA who will undertake onsite auditing and written reports on your behalf.

With vast experience in Dangerous Goods, Chemicals and Wastes, we offer a full consultancy service for companies who cannot justify the cost of a full time DGSA role, or even additional support to company management wherever unsure about detailed technical aspects of the regulations and the current interpretations.

DGSA Support

Under the Chloros DGSA service our qualified adviser will:

  • Conduct an initial site audit to identify and monitor current compliance with both ADR and CDG regulations

  • Conduct an Annual Audit report that reviews arrangements and procedures, recommendations for improvements will also be given where necessary

  • Provide reports on any incident or accident involving the loading, unloading and carriage of dangerous goods

  • Provide regular advice and guidance on the carriage of dangerous goods

  • Provide advice and guidance on the required training of any staff to comply with regulations and undertake their duties effectively

  • Provide assistance with a security plan, where required

  • Keep you updated on the changes that matter to you.

Unsure on your obligations? Speak to us, we will be happy to undertake a review on your requirements.