What do our team think

What do our team think?

We can tell you about the many wonderful reasons to work for Chloros, but who better to tell you but the staff themselves!

Suzanne Al Qadi – Technical Assistant

I have worked for Chloros since December 2016. I was hired as a technical assistant which means I am responsible for the hazard assessment of incoming and outgoing wastes. The best thing about working with Chloros is the relaxed atmosphere and the chance to work with great people which makes coming to work enjoyable. As we deal with a wide range of clients there is new challenges for me every day.


Sam Broomhead – Technical Leader

I’ve worked at Chloros since November 2015 and was initially taken on as a Technical Assistant but have since been promoted to Technical Leader. In my role, I oversee and complete the technical assessment of incoming waste streams along with producing legally compliant documentation for incoming and outgoing wastes in the UK and Europe. Working at Chloros provides new interesting challenges everyday due to the nature of the industry, which keeps working life exciting and interesting. There is also room for growth and progressing my career within the company.


Sarah Sharp – Quality Manager


I have been with Chloros since July 2014. During that time my job has evolved through various roles, from a Mobile Chemist and Technical Assessor to a Key Account Manager, and latest as the Quality Manager responsible for the Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems alongside permit compliance. My role means I am always striving to improve the way the company works and to encourage the whole team to be the best professionals in the industry.