Chloros joined the Guernsey Recycling Group’s growing network of facilities across the UK in 2020.

GRG are a group of companies, headquartered in Guernsey, that specialise in the recycling and recovery of waste. GRG employs over 200 staff and has operations in Guernsey, Jersey, Caymans Islands and the UK.

In the UK, GRG has become a market leader for hazardous and liquid waste, providing solutions across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Each year, GRG divert thousands of tonnes of waste away from landfills. Instead, the company recycles and recovers waste material wherever possible; over 80% of the waste received by GRG is either recycled or recovered.

Chloros is aligned with GRG’s goals of offering fully compliant and sustainable waste management solutions, with inhouse waste treatment facilities and access to viable sustainable routes within and outside of the UK to maximise recycling and recovery rates.


GRG Waste UK

GRG acquired BKP Waste & Recycling in 2018, Greenway Environmental in 2019 and Chloros Environmental in 2021 to help GRG’s expansion into the UK waste management market. All four UK companies, including Chloros, now run under the GRG Waste UK group.

Alongside Chloros, BKP, Greenway and Novum all specialise in the recycling, recovery, and disposal of hazardous waste, with access innovative and cost-effective solutions for difficult waste streams.
Total Waste Management is an integral service for all companies, offering a bespoke, integrated waste management solution for all waste streams.

The GRG Waste UK group now operates five hazardous waste transfer and treatment facilities across the UK, in Dundee, Bootle, Kidderminster, Hinckley and Romsey, to offer our customers efficient national coverage with a variety of waste solutions.