Chemical Hazard Awareness Training

Chemical hazard awareness training

Do your employees have suitable knowledge of the chemicals they work with or know what to do in the event of a chemical emergency?

Would they know how to interpret a Safety Data Sheet?

Are they familiar with COSHH?

Anyone handling hazardous materials in the workplace should be made aware of the potential dangers of the chemicals they work with and instructed as to how to work with them in a safe manner.

Chloros offer flexible, on and off-site Chemical Hazard Awareness training courses for all levels of staff who need an understanding of the materials around them, their short and long-term hazards to people and the potential damage these materials can cause to property and the environment.

Who is this course for?

The Chemical Hazard Awareness course is for those working in an area which may expose people and the environment to chemicals. Whether this is regular contact or to help with a spillage in the case of an emergency, the course is for those who would like a better understanding of the chemicals they deal with and how they could be affected during their work or in the event of an accident.

Delegates attending this course have included hauliers, production plant operators, warehouse staff, health and safety officers, logistics managers, facilities managers, industry responders, Environment Agency staff, dangerous goods safety advisors, emergency services and local authority emergency.

Chemical hazard awareness training

Why Chloros?

No two courses are the same. Each course is designed to your in-house requirements. We provide practical and theory elements. The course can cover a few hours to a few days. It really is up to you. We know all industries are different and that is why we truly believe the course should be tailored to you.

Potential Benefits

  • A reduction in reported on-site accidents. 

  • In the event of any accident you can prove progressive actions were taken.

  • Demonstrates Employee welfare initiatives - company public relations. 

  • Inexpensive yet invaluable - it potentially could save thousands in terms of costs and downtime.

All courses are run by our DGSA qualified and Chemist graduates. Give us a call to discuss.

Chemical Hazard Awareness Training