Trans Frontier Shipments (TFS)

Trans Frontier Shipments (TFS) of Waste

Chloros inspire to be one of the leading hazardous waste management companies when it comes to innovative thinking. With our years of experience within the industry, we are always on the hunt for new suppliers who can not only improve our level of recycling, but is cost effective for our customers too.

After much time searching for our perfect solution, we found it. We introduce you to Trans Frontier Shipments (TFS).

Chloros export combustible wastes via TFS to authorised EfW outlets in Europe. This innovative solution enables effective recovery processes for types of waste including flammable solids, resins, adhesives and paints, the only treatment method available in the UK would be disposal, hence the need for a viable alternative. These alternatives have been found across the shores on mainland Europe. Our fully compliant and audited routes are fully supported by approved documentation which is transported by trans-boundary specialists.



Our experienced team and equipment can assess whether your waste streams would be suitable for this movement and treatment process. This would mean less of a reliance on landfill and consolidation processes providing a great benefit to the environment as well as a reduction in costs to the customer.

Only a handful of hazardous waste management companies can provide such a service from the UK. We are fortunate to be one of them. We have a dedicated storage area for our trans-boundary wastes at our conveniently positioned warehouse in the West Midlands.

Do you think you have a waste stream that would suit a recovery process but are limited by the processes available in the UK? Talk to us, we will be happy to discuss.