Customer benefits


Customer Benefits

Using Chloros to help your business manage your waste requirements will benefit your company directly by not only reducing your costs, but having piece of mind that your waste has been handled by a team of experts which will arrange for the most suitable method of removal is used.

The benefits you can expect from using a knowledgeable waste management company and implementing a waste management action plan could include:

  • Reduced costs - Chloros have extensive knowledge on the European waste market.

  • Meeting your environmental obligations - Having effective policies and procedures in place should make it more cost effective and easier for your business to comply with waste regulations – Chloros will be there to support your obligations both internally and with current legislation

  • Finding new sources of revenue. You may find that some of your waste products can even be sold to other businesses for them to reuse or recycle – no need for your waste to be considered waste.

Through working with our customers, Chloros have also seen additional benefits, such as:

  • reduced environmental liability for your business

  • a boost to your business' image for being environmentally aware

  • increased staff morale and less environmental impacts

  • systematic control of your individual waste challenges

  • increased business opportunities - many large companies and government organisations won't work with a business that hasn’t implemented an environmental management plan.