Chloros Environmental Completes Move to New Waste Transfer Facility

Droitwich based waste management firm, Chloros Environmental, has successfully completed its move to a new Waste Transfer Facility on Hartlebury Trading Estate, after investing more than £1.5 Million to renovate and refurbish the existing property.

 Having operated from Site 7 near Droitwich since 2012, the firm decided to relocate to the 43,000sq ft warehouse to support continued company growth, where the new facility built to BAT (best available technique), will enable the business to accept and transfer up to 100 tonnes a day 

 The move, which completed in early December 2019, will also result in 6 new job opportunities for members of the local community, in addition to the 5 new staff members who have joined Chloros over the last 6 months. 

 Richard Hurdle, Managing Director of Chloros Environmental, confirmed: “The refurbishment of the new Hartlebury site has been an extremely challenging but exciting project for the Chloros team and I over the last year or so. The final design and finish exceed industry leading standards, we are extremely delighted with the end result.”

 "The new site will not only support the continued growth of Chloros but will also play an important part of the local and national infrastructure in waste management, ensuring we can deliver the very best levels of service and environmental performance to our customers for years to come.”

 Experts in the management and transfer of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials, the new Hartlebury site will enable Chloros to continue to operate to the highest regulatory standards, utilising its own specialist laboratory to analyse closely all incoming material

 Officially launched in 2009, Chloros Environmental is now one of the UK’s leading waste management and recycling firms, working on behalf of many direct waste producers and third-party waste management companies throughout the UK and Europe. 

 This re-location will provide the platform for Chloros to provide services that meet rigorous environmental regulations over the next decade and beyond. 

 Richard finished: “This successful move has epitomised a successful year for Chloros, with the business reaching important milestones and winning new tenders on a regular basis”