Environment Agency Position on SIC Codes and Pre-acceptance of Waste

Chloros has recently received clarification on the Environment Agency’s position on SIC codes and pre-acceptance regarding operating within the requirements of EPR S5.06 as follows:

A SIC code must be included on a consignment note for waste received directly from a waste producer / consignor.  You must also comply with the requirements of the Sector Guidance Note (EPR S5.06) and ensure you have details of the type of process producing the waste and the specific process from which the waste derives. Where waste is received directly from a producer, the SIC code may fulfil some of the relevant requirements of EPR S5.06, by providing the Industry source, but you will still need to ensure you have the specific process details particularly as some producers will undertake a number of different processes on one site.   

The SIC code on a consignment note when waste is received from another waste transfer station (which is unchanged i.e. not treated) can be that for the waste manager but this SIC code will not provide the information required by the Sector Guidance.  As we discussed, you will need to obtain details of all the original production processes (that is the type of processes and specific processes) that make up the received load.  Where it is available, the SIC code for the original waste producers may provide the process / industry source.  But as detailed above this would not give the specific process.  This is only one element of the pre-acceptance criteria, clearly you will still need to ensure that full details of each waste, including samples & analysis, are completed where required.

Where the waste is received from a waste management operation which has changed from its original form, the EWC code, the SIC code and the production process will be that for the waste manager. A waste is not changed however simply by repackaging it.


How does this affect our customers?

To comply with the requirements of S5.06, you may find that we have further questions for you regarding how the waste was derived. There may also be a requirement for a sample to be taken/provided.

The clarification received particularly applies to waste received from our waste transfer or waste treatment centres.


How will it benefit the customer?

The more information we can obtain on the waste, the more suitable route for your waste will be sought. Information on your waste streams will be revised on an annual basis, unless there has been a change to how the waste is produced.

Please contact the Customer Service team if you require further clarification on 01285 721110 or info@chloros.co.uk