Chloros embrace the GRG Step Challenge with a double win

The Step Up Challenge made its come back for May 2022 in light of Mental Health Awareness Month. The challenge ran from 3rd May to 3rd June to encourage positive habits and better well-being among our team.

To get a bit of friendly rivalry going, prizes were given to the top stepping individual and top stepping team, which was split between the different sites.

This year, 45 members of the GRG team took part in the challenge to accumulate a whopping 16,190,370 steps across the month. Winner Jason Drew, Site Operator at Chloros, managed 1,404,040 across the month and received a brand new Fitbit Charge 5. Chloros Environmental won the team challenge averaging at 456,413 steps over the month. The team at Unit 145 will receive a lunch for their efforts.

Congratulations to the team at Chloros! Thank you to all that participated in the challenge, a great effort from everyone.