Bins and Containers

Chloros Environmental regularly resupply its customers with a variety of new and used UN approved containers via our transfer facility in the West Midlands.

We supply a range of UN certified packaging including:

- CHLOROS CONTAINER STM - Galvanised containers

- Metal and plastic bung top and clip top drums

- Plastic and metal buckets and tubs

- Intermediate bulk containers (IBC containers)

- Battery boxes

- Fluorescent tube holders

- Tailor-made waste storage solutions for waste producers

- Storage cupboards

- Industrial waste bins

- Clinical waste bins, theatre bags, and sharps bins (sealable)

We are also interested in purchasing used, recyclable UN packaging for processing and resale into the market.  In particular we are interested in:

- Metal and plastic cliptop drums

- Plastic and metal buckets and tubs

- Intermediate bulk containers (IBC containers)

- Industrial waste bins

- Storage cabinets

- Battery box units

Chloros Environmental offer a range of spill kits and other products for sale.

We supply:

- Spill kits and 

- Chemical absorbents pads and socks, 

- Oil absorbent pads, socks and granules, 

- Drip trays 

- Chemical bunds

- Other secondary containment systems

- Emergency kits

- Vehicle kits

- Disposal bags

- Storage cabinets

Chloros Environmental is a full service waste management company that provides its customers with complete peace of mind for their waste requirements.  For specialist advice regarding your supply of drum or IBC containers, please contact our team on 0845 6041470 or email

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Hazardous Waste

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About Chloros Environmental

Chloros Environmental was established in 2009 by founding directors Richard Hurdle and Jason Lee.  Originally known as Wastesafe Ltd, we have become one of Britains fastest growing hazardous waste management and waste recycling companies with nationwide coverage in England, Wales, and Scotland.  A joint venture launched with Potter Logistics enabled us to open a brand new fully licensed transfer facility in the West Midlands.  In 2013 we decided to rebrand the company to reflect this rapid growth into new markets.  We continue to provide an exceptional service to our customers and deliver ethical sustainable waste management services with a strong emphasis on diverting waste away from landfill and towards recycling routes.  At Chloros Environmental we treat our customers, their waste, and the environment with care.

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