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Many industrial or brownfield sites have been contaminated by previous use, often due to traditional processes, which are no longer used. These sites may present a hazard to the general environment, but there is a growing need to reclaim and redevelop these areas.

Soil sample analysis tells you how much contamination is present in your soil. For instance it may contain potentially toxic substances, such as chemicals or metals or require specialist environmental services such as contaminated land remediation, groundwater treatment, or soil stabilisation.

Chloros Environmental is a full service environmental services company that provides its customers with complete peace of mind for their waste requirements.  For specialist advice regarding hazardous waste recycling,please contact our team on 0845 6041470 or email info@chlorosenvironmental.co.uk 

At Chloros Environmental, we will arrange for samples to be tested by laboratories whom are accredited under the MCERTS Chemical Testing of Soil scheme. Chloros Environmental offer a total environmental services package including:

• Contaminated land remediation,
• Soil stabilisation, 
• Soil contamination testing,
• Groundwater treatment, 
• Environmental remediation, 
• Environmental waste management, 
• Toxic waste disposal.

Our management team have experience of completing large decommissioning projects which include

- Confined space tank cleaning operations for paint removal and spray booth machine

- Removal of waste fuels, oils, and paints from a large farmmachinery manufacturer

- The remediation and removal of over 5000 tonnes of hazardous waste from a resin manufacturer including laboratory chemicals, asbestos, solvents, hydrocarbons, and corrosive electroplating sludges contaminated with cyanide, cadmium and chrome.

- The decommissioning and cleanup of a large commercial laundry

- The clearance of an abandoned chemical storage warehouse at an international airport

Chloros Environmental continually explore new technology and legislation led emerging markets to give maximum benefit to our clients via waste recycling.  We have negotiated strategic partnerships with a number of other recycling companies and are able to handle a large variety of different waste streams all of which may require different hazardous waste treatment and hazardous waste recycling methods.

Waste treatment options include:

-       High temperature incineration

-       Thermal treatment

-       Bioremediation

-       Physicochemical treatment

-       Composting

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HAZMAT training

Do your employees have suitable knowledge of the chemicals they work with or know what to do in the event of a chemical emergency? 

Hazardous Waste

Chloros Environmental specialises in providing hazardous waste disposal services 

About Chloros Environmental

Chloros Environmental was established in 2009 by founding directors Richard Hurdle and Jason Lee.  Originally known as Wastesafe Ltd, we have become one of Britains fastest growing hazardous waste management and waste recycling companies with nationwide coverage in England, Wales, and Scotland.  A joint venture launched with Potter Logistics enabled us to open a brand new fully licensed transfer facility in the West Midlands.  In 2013 we decided to rebrand the company to reflect this rapid growth into new markets.  We continue to provide an exceptional service to our customers and deliver ethical sustainable waste management services with a strong emphasis on diverting waste away from landfill and towards recycling routes.  At Chloros Environmental we treat our customers, their waste, and the environment with care.

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